Fake Obamacare repeal is not good enough

The Texas Public Policy Foundation sums up the Obamacare repeal legislation. Really short version: it's not good enough.

Texas Public Policy FoundationThis plan fails to repeal most of the costly mandates and insurance regulations driving up premiums and deductibles
• This plan replaces Obamacare’s subsidy scheme with a new costly federal entitlement in the form of a refundable tax credit
• This plan leaves significant portions of the flawed and costly Medicaid expansion intact by delaying the freeze on Medicaid enrollment, maintaining the expansion of the program to the able-bodied, and providing a pathway for non-
expansion states to accept enhanced federal dollars.

Republican leadership should have been ready for this. They only ran on it for 6 years. Clearly they meant to lose gracefully to Hillary and were surprised and shocked and dismayed when pit bull Trump broke out of their yard and actually caught the damn car they had been pretending to chase for years.

I'm glad this first plan failed. Now the party needs to go back into a huddle and come up with legislation that actually repeals Obamacare. And here's the deal: everyone knows Obamacare is failing. The Democrats will yell and squirm and complain, but they know Obamacare is failing too. There are people who will say "Let it fail!", and maybe they have a point, but laws and regulatory schemes don't "fail" just because they cease being economically viable. Someone has to actually go in and repeal the laws, reverse the regulations, and either set up a new framework or turn the free market loose.

If the Democrats get back into power with a supermajority, they will go for single-payer. It's what they always wanted and they can point to Obamacare and say it didn't go far enough. If the Republicans do a half-assed repeal there will still be a health care problem when the Democrats get back into power and that's exactly what they will do. The only way to save a free market in health care is to repeal Obamacare and create a free market in health care.

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