A cultural challenge to tolerant ideals

Gunslinger's JournalThe handshake has been upheld and, what's more, a stiff fine now will be imposed on those who continue to refuse to shake hands with a female teacher. This is a heartening sign of non-surrender by the Swiss. But the challenges of the Muslims within Europe to the laws and customs of the indigenes have no logical end and will not stop.

And the greater the number of Muslims allowed to settle in Europe, the stronger and more frequent their challenges will be. They are attempting not to integrate, but rather to create, for now, a second, parallel society, and eventually, through sheer force of numbers from both migration and by outbreeding the Infidels, to fashion not a parallel society but one society — now dominated by Muslim sharia.

This is challenging for a tolerant and open society to deal with, because the open and tolerant response is to allow the individual exceptions on a small scale because they don't matter as much as the right to practice your own religion without needless interference from others and especially from government. But the Islamic view of this response is that it represents a submission to their challenge, and encourages them to view themselves as a people separate and apart from the rest of their adopted nation. It becomes more than a small quirk on the part of someone who otherwise fully participates in civil society; it becomes a badge of resistance and eventually conquest.

I can't agree that it's right to force students to shake their teacher's hands against their religion's gender contact restrictions. But I can't say that allowing that exception (and the hundreds of additional demands that will inevitably follow) will lead to anything but making things worse.

I think the only sane response to this is to only allow in those who are willing to put assimilation into the receiving culture over their religious dictates. As an immigrant, if you are not willing to do that, you shouldn't be asking to join a new nation. That's a different situation than imposing those rules by force on those already citizens.

Once they are here, it is too late for that. That's why being careful who is allowed in is vital.

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