So it seems there's a new startup called Zore..

... with the idea to sell an internet enabled gun lock. They've got a slick website but the product doesn't appear to be available for sale.

Seems pointless except in a house with small children. It won't stop a thief. No models for rifles (except ARs in 223, looks like). For handguns there are safes with similar functionality built in. They won't stop a determined thief either. If the battery dies your gun is locked until it is replaced. I'd have to try their unlock mechanism to see if it is as friendly as they say, but it seems pretty easy to forget how it works under stress and fairly time consuming to unlock and remove. They say the device can't be hacked, but it talks to your phone -- of course it can be hacked.

The alert notification feature is sort of nice, especially the model where that doesn't also try to lock the gun.

Bottom line, this is a $150 solution to a $5 problem. It might still have some utility.

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