Deliberately missing the point

The HillAt least four senior officials in President Trump’s White House have active accounts on a private Republican National Committee (RNC) email system, according to a new report.

Oh my god! Trump and his advisors have private email addresses! The horror!

This is obviously intended to imply to the reader a connection with Hillary's private email server, and smear Trump by association with it. It's a false comparison, as only a little thought will reveal quite clearly.

The problem with Hillary's private email server was not that it existed, that she and her advisors had accounts on it, or that they used those accounts. The problem was that Hillary and her advisors used those accounts (in Hillary's case exclusively) for official government business, and broke a variety of laws in doing so. The laws Hillary broke were:

1) You are not allowed to use non-secure systems for handling classified information. Hillary did this a lot.

2) You are not allowed to withhold records of your official business from the public (via FOIA) and the national archives. Hillary initially sought to avoid both, until the existence of her private email server was revealed in the Benghazi investigation and the lack of responsive records from other sources demonstrated she was using it exclusively for official business.

Many officials in the Obama administration had private email accounts. Most of them did not use those accounts for official business often (and characterized the cases where they did as exceptions). This is reasonable and normal, so long as the official email accounts are used for the vast majority of government work.

It's worth noting that government officials are probably required by law to use non-government email addresses for political purposes, meaning of course Trump and his political advisors have and use private email addresses.

So long as they aren't conducting government business that should be archived and available via FOIA through those addresses, it's all good.

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