Voter fraud and registration in multiple states

There have been a couple reports of various Trump advisors being registered to vote in more than one state. Usually those reports are contrasted with Trump's claims that voter fraud is a significant problem and should be investigated, as if there is some contradiction between the two things.

There may in fact be a connection, but it's not a contradiction. States currently don't coordinate about their voter registration lists much. Properly, they should clean their lists before each election, so that someone registered in two states has their older registration removed, and illegal aliens or felons are also removed from the list. There's not really any way that I know of for someone who is moving from one state to another to notify the state they are leaving to remove their voter registration.

Thus people inevitably end up on registration lists in multiple states, at least until the states clean their lists. Lately, states haven't been doing that, in no small part because the Justice Department under Obama has not been enforcing that part of the federal laws on voting.

And now that's being abused to embarrass Trump advisors and officials as if it was their fault. If they had voted in two places, it would be. But being registered in two places just means you've moved out of state since Obama was elected president.

So thanks, media, for making investigative journalism great again. Now let's get right on fixing the flaws in the voter registration system your investigation turned up, shall we?

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