Trump to eliminate funding for Paris climate agreement...

... in the course of a general review of all funding for international treaties aimed at a 40% decrease. Good. We have a huge debt and deficit problem. We're paying other countries to loan us money and regulate our industry to death. That's absurd.

To the extent we have foreign aid programs on a solid quid-pro-quo basis, I'm fine with them. If we want an airbase in Turkey, we should probably be prepared to pay for it. But that's a tiny fraction of the foreign aid we pay to places like the UN, and after 8 years of Obama, we need to review every cent.

Oh, and by happy coincidence, Trump appears to have frozen Obama's last-minute $221 million terrorist payoff. Note that Obama already paid them $250 million in 2016 alone, not including the $221 million that Trump froze. Let's stop paying terrorists.

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