Presidential prayer service included Koranic recitation condemning other faiths

PJMediaThis high-profile ecumenical event illustrates starkly the conundrum of mainstream Islamic practice within our free, multi-confessional, but overwhelmingly non-Muslim society. Pious Muslims repeat the Fatiha, including verse 7, up to 17 times per day during their five requisite prayer sessions, and the accompanying “subunits” of prayer (see pp.49-50). While verses 1-6 are confined to Muslims re-affirming their personal devotion to the Islamic creed, and its deity, Allah, verse 7 launches into open condemnation of other faiths -- specifically Judaism and Christianity.

This is a problem. Mind you, I don't blame Trump for this; I doubt he knew and I doubt the recitation was in English. Instead, it illustrates for me the vicious denigration of other faiths that is built into the core of Islam, along with the deception necessary to espouse it at a interfaith event. Between the demand for sharia law, the refusal to acknowledge nations which have a legal separation between church and state, the doctrine of conversion by the sword, and the general embrace of violence, Islam is not compatible with modern nations and freedom of conscience.

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