Trump issues executive order to build the wall

DallasNewsPresident Donald Trump will order the construction of a Mexican border wall on Wednesday, White House officials said, and is mulling plans to stop Syrian refugees from entering the country and to slash immigration of refugees from "terror prone" nations, perhaps as early as this week.

During an appearance at the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, Trump plans to sign an executive order to direct federal funds to be shifted toward the building of a wall on the southern border that became a signature promise of his campaign. He has argued that doing so is vital to gaining control over the illegal flow of immigrants into the United States.

I'm not sure where he's finding the money to build this wall, but presumably he's doing what Obama has done many times before -- using funds Congress has authorized that lacked very specific strings on how they were spent.

Remember, the wall itself has been authorized by Congress for over a decade now. The holdup has been Congressional authorization for specific funds. All it takes is a President willing to redirect funds from general programs.

Freezing the "refugee" program is also wise.

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