Trump to focus NASA on space exploration again

WattsUpWithThatBob Walker, senior campaign adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, has re-affirmed Trump’s commitment to NASA focussing on space exploration, by stating that NASA’s Earth Science Division would be stripped of funding as part of a Trump crackdown on “Politicized Science”.

Well, he's got to get that through Congress, but it sounds promising. Under Obama, NASA was given the "official mission" of making Islamic nations feel better about themselves. While this did have the unintended side effect of leaving the field open for private industry, it was utterly pathetic in comparison to the possibilities.

If people want to freak out over the temperature of the earth and engage in rabid political activity, they can do so with private funds. There's room for basic science and data collection in this field, but the people at NASA have (with some exceptions) destroyed their credibility on this topic.

Shutting down new programs to refocus on space exploration, and restructuring the existing data-collection programs to focus on collecting accurate data without manipulation for public release, seems like an excellent direction to me.

And we can use the money saved to investigate this possible discovery of life on Mars.

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