Anonymous Source claims Trump won't prosecute Hillary

ZerohedgeAfter Trump stunned the nation during the second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, in which he quipped that under a Trump presidency "she would be in jail", and suggested that he would demand a special prosecutor probe into Clinton's email server and the Clinton foundation, moments ago MSNBC's Morning Joe reported, citing a source, that president-elect Donald Trump will not pursue any investigations into his former political rival Hillary Clinton "for her use of a private email server and the Clinton foundation."

Trump reportedly feels that Clinton has "been through enough."

I wouldn't buy this claim just based on a single anonymous source.

Sourcing aside, I'm conflicted. Clearly Hillary violated the law regarding classified information. She probably violated laws against bribery and corruption in her official acts. In attempting to cover it up, she almost certainly committed obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. These are crimes for which "lesser" people have gone to jail, regardless of intent. If Hillary is not to be considered above the law, she must be investigated, charged, tried, and if convicted, punished.

If Trump then wished to issue a pardon, leaving intact a prohibition on holding future political office and confiscating her ill-gotten gains, I could be content with that. But letting her skate the process completely seems unwise.

I do think the focus should be on the legislative agenda in Congress. Name a special prosecutor to address Hillary and move on.

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