Head of DOJ Civil Rights Division may be violating the law

I don't mean in her official acts; I mean simply occupying the position may violate the law concerning positions requiring Senate confirmation and how long a deputy official may serve in that position without either being nominated or recess appointed. The penalty for violating that law is that any legal acts taken by the violator are null and void. Anything from hiring decisions to signing legal briefs.

Is it a mere oversight or is Obama acting strategically to avoid a Senate confirmation hearing on the person he trusts to help incite riots and enable voter fraud? I'd bet on the latter, but it may come back to bite him in the ass if states start challenging cases she was involved in on the grounds that her appointment is invalid.

My personal prediction is that this doesn't come to anything in the end. Just like the Obama birth certificate issue, when Obama won the first election no court was going to remove him and undo four years of presidential acts. We may see a few individual decisions challenged, but nothing sweeping. Government has an inertia that way.

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