Obama rescinds offshore drilling proposal

The HillPresident Obama has rescinded a proposal to allow new oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean as part of a five-year plan for leasing released on Friday.

Obama's move takes drilling rights sales off the table through 2022.

President-elect Donald Trump could seek to amend the five-year drilling plan to add more sales. But he would have to go through a long regulatory process to do so, potentially taking years, and could encounter problems like President George W. Bush did when he attempted a similar strategy.

This is a good example of the general principle that the Left uses government agencies and the permanent bureaucracy to stifle the Right's policies when the Right wins elections, and the Right does not do the same in the other direction. The result is a one-way policy ratchet.

It's also a demonstration of the way government has reversed the presumption of liberty. The way it used to be, you could do anything that was not explicitly forbidden by law. Decisions like this reverse that principle, meaning that you can only do things that are explicitly permitted by law.

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