FBI Agents may have had Huma Weiner's email cache for weeks

Dallas NewsAlso Sunday, sources familiar with the case told The Washington Post that FBI agents assigned to the investigation knew in early October that some of the messages recovered in a separate inquiry might have bearing on the Clinton probe.

But they waited weeks to brief Comey on their findings. It's unclear what the agents have been doing in the meantime or if the substance of the messages ultimately prompted them to take the matter to the director.

So, what does this tell us? It tells us that Comey's letter to Congress reflecting his ignorance of the contents of the new cache of emails (likely from Weiner's computer and obtained during their investigation of his sexting) is merely reflecting personal ignorance. If the FBI agents have had these for weeks, they've certainly had time to go through them and figure out whether they had anything truly significant.

In other words, Comey's statement that he doesn't know anything about the contents of the emails and whether or not they are significant may be true for him, but it's likely not true for the agents conducting the Weiner investigation. And it appears that there is a third investigation, into the Clinton Foundation fund raising, that is still ongoing even before the new emails were discovered.

UPDATE: Weiner's cooperating with the FBI. I hope he's on antidepressants so he doesn't suddenly feel suicidal, and he should probably give up weightlifting and any habits of taking walks in the city late at night. And, you know, sexting 15-year-olds.

UPDATE: Sigh. The fix is in. USA Today reports "federal authorities" are negotiating to get access to Huma's emails, which were on a laptop that was already seized by the FBI investigating Weiner's sexting. Why are they negotiating? What possible value could negotiating provide the FBI when they already have the emails through Weiner's cooperation?

The only possible outcome of these negotiations is an immunity agreement that protects Huma, like all the other Clinton aides already received, and thus protects Hillary by removing any pressure points on her aides. Also likely resulting in the FBI agreeing to destroy evidence before Congress can demand it.

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