State Department missed email deadline

The HillThe State Department narrowly missed a court-ordered deadline on Monday to release documents about whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her senior aides participated in security training and briefings.

An email mix-up prevented an Obama administration lawyer from sending hundreds of pages of material to the Daily Caller News Foundation, an investigative reporting arm of the conservative-leaning website.

If you believe the email mix-up excuse, you're a fool. They delayed the release because the Presidential debate started at 9pm the night the release was due. If they did the release on time, stories about the release would have been mixed in with the debate stories and gotten a huge audience. By doing the release right after the debate instead, they get a more limited audience and also changed the topic from the debate.

The timing would be pretty close, too, but if the release had happened properly the Trump campaign might have been able to review it before the debate and unleash some devastating attacks during the debate.

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