Some sort of attack in Houston with 7 injured

BREAKING: Attack in Houston. Details unknown.

That's uncomfortably close to home.

UPDATE: Total of 9 people wounded now. The police say the attacker is dead at the scene, and was a "disgruntled lawyer". That means they know who he was and are choosing not to release his name. The police found "numerous weapons" at the scene and the bomb squad is checking the attacker's car.

I'm betting this is one of those cases where "There are no obvious indications of terrorism" even though it's obviously terrorism.

UPDATE: So apparently he was wearing a Nazi uniform, and had other vintage (unspecified, but "going back to the Civil War") uniforms or military regalia in his home. So, terrorism, but not Islamic terrorism, right? Were his targets of any particular demographic?

His father's first name is "Prakash", which is common in India (where there is a substantial population of muslims), and there are reports from a while back suggesting he had anger issues and was having business troubles.

At this point we can't say whether it's terrorism or not. Too many contradictory indicators and no clear proof.

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