The Putin Question

Scott AdamsAnd being chummy with Putin is more likely to keep us safe, whether you find that distasteful or not. Clinton wants to insult Putin into doing what we want. That approach seems dangerous as hell to me.

Scott is right as far as this paragraph goes. Insulting people and calling them tyrants rarely results in improved relations with the tyrants, whether they actually are tyrants or not.

But it brought to mind some interesting comparisons. When Clinton is attacking Trump for supposedly having ties to Putin through an advisor, Clinton also has ties to Putin through her advisor John Podesta, and she hasn't disavowed or backed away from them.

The President under whom she served as Secretary of State had a famous open-mic moment where he told Putin that he would have "more flexibility after the election." That is, after he didn't have to face the American people again, he could betray them. And under that same President, Clinton herself famously botched a gag gift of a "reset" button to Putin, presenting him with a red button that actually translated as "overcharge" (and may have been pilfered from a hotel pool in a remarkably Clintonian moment).

As far as ties to Russia go, Clinton is living in a glass house and operating a catapult.

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