GOP office in New York vandalized

Daily CallerThe Metropolitan Republican Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was vandalized Thursday night with broken windows, a spray-painted anarchy sign, and a threatening message that the “attack is merely a beginning.”

The building is the headquarters of the Manhattan Republican Party and the New York City regional office for the New York Republican Party.

This sort of thing is far from uncommon. Republican signs on college campuses get vandalized regularly. Free speech and association are under definite threat these days. And yet Republicans (so far) keep winning elections. The discrepency is the result of a massive media propaganda campaign designed to keep ordinary people -- Republicans -- ashamed and in the closet politically. Search engines and social media are working other angles. This blog is my way of fighting that.

UPDATE: Possible poisoned letter sent to Senator Susan Collins. And I forgot to mention the recent ricin attacks on Trump and Cruz, or the truck burned for having Trump bumper stickers. Maybe Hillary should call for peace and stop the violence?

UPDATE: Two Republican candidates attacked.

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