Trump's media judo

The ObserverThat’s the fear. Trump’s unfettered mouth is his worst political enemy. His showmanship is his political genius. At The Mexican Trade Show Trump looked presidential, and far more so than Hillary ever has. Note that President Pena also invited Clinton, but she didn’t show. If she’d come she’d have had to face the media and someone just might have asked her about The Clinton Foundation or Benghazi… Donald Trump, however, is the rare Republican nominee who possesses media judo. With one move he can shift campaign momentum and in the process shatter a mainstream media narrative. His Mexican Trade Show is just the latest example.

I'd rather have Trump, the classic "ugly American" who is quintessentially American, wealthy but unpolished, sincere but undiplomatic... than a corrupt elitist like Hillary. And that's before we begin to discuss whether Hillary is even capable of filling the role of President for 4 years. She can't even manage a diplomatic trip to Mexico during her campaign, and she's afraid to take questions from the press before any stupid blunders she makes as President.

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