Clinton Interrogatory Number 13

Judicial WatchAt the time you decided to use your email account to conduct official State Department business, or at any time thereafter during your tenure as Secretary of State, did you consider how emails you sent to or received from persons who did not have State Department email accounts (i.e., “” accounts) would be maintained and preserved by the Department or searched by the Department in response to FOIA requests? If so, what was your understanding about how such emails would be maintained, preserved,or searched by the Department in response to FOIA requests?

There's no good answer here. Even her usual dodges (aside from "I don't recall") won't work. FOIA requests are handled separately by different government agencies and records have to be requested from specific agencies that hold them. If Hillary emails, say,, then the logical agency to request the email from would be the State Department. That agency would not have a record. You could then guess "Hey, maybe Hillary emailed Obama at the white house email address. Let's file a FOIA request there." That email system may not be set up to preserve incoming emails as opposed to outgoing ones, and even if it is, you're basically making someone who wants Hillary's emails go to every possible government agency and make a separate request for her emails at each agency. Each agency would have time to search and perhaps deny the request, and perhaps even have to be sued. It would be an insurmountable barrier of red tape.

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