The Smug Style of Democrat politics

Brad TorgersenSpotted this in my news feed yesterday. I thought it was both interesting, and timely. Because it spoke about the same things this earlier piece also dealt with. Namely, the dumbing down of American liberalism to the point that being liberal — in the United States, in 2016 — isn’t about compassion, or critical thinking, or finding solutions to societal problems, as much as it’s about self image. The perception of cool. Possessing the intellectual trappings of knowingness — TED talks! Neil deGrasse Tyson! National Public Radio! The Daily Show! — without actually knowing anything in-depth. A kind of quasi or neo-liberalism that treats The Poor™ as both a receptable for endless governmental uplift, and a target for sniping and jibes; provided we’re talking about the conservative poor. You know, the ones who stupidly “Vote against their own interests.” Which is just code for unedumacated, Southern-drawlin’, gun-shootin’, red-neckin’, Trump-votin’, tobacky-chewin’ inbred yocal hick racist Bible-thumpin’ white-sheet Klan scum.

I had my own encounter with this brand of argument recently. Two people of my acquaintance, who had until recently lived as "moderate" liberals in a reasonably red state and more recently moved to a West-Coast liberal bastion, thought that it would be hilarious to show me -- a right-leaning libertarian in Texas -- a 10 minute comedy sketch of some comedian they thought was famous insulting Donald Trump. Not only did they think that unleashing a stream of contentless insults upon a presidential candidate was funny, they also seemed to think that it would be convincing. Of what, I'm not sure. Convincing me to hate Trump in the same way that they did, perhaps? I've never been a strong supporter of Trump but I was also not going to be swayed by any amount of irrational humor and deliberate misstatements.

They were completely oblivious to the total lack of content or argument. It was their daily 2-minute hate packaged in a convenient weekly bulk buy at Costco.

And they were completely oblivious to the fact that it was this very method of unargument, this very manner of appeal to unreason, the very decision to abandon all rational mechanisms for making decisions, that created Trump. He is the mirror image of their failure; he is the form of their destructor.

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