Texas to appeal voter ID law

The Hill“To protect the integrity of voting in the state of Texas, our office will appeal the Voter ID ruling of the Fifth Circuit to the United States Supreme Court,” Paxton’s communications director, Marc Rylander, said in a statement.

There's nothing particularly unusual or controversial about the Texas voter ID law. It requires people who plan to vote to have a state-issued ID card, or one of a long list of alternative possibilities. Nothing unusual or tricky about it, and most people will already have the required documents... if they are legally in the country and legally eligible to vote.

Of course, this means the Democrats will freak out, because they desperately need the illegal alien votes to have any hope of ever having a foothold in Texas.

The Supreme Court will likely not decide the case, if it accepts, until 2017 and likely not until after the empty seat has been filled by the new president. However, past courts have generally upheld voter ID laws, despite the appeals court in this case (after 8 years of Obama stuffing his judges everywhere) striking down the law.

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