How the Tea Party was murdered

The indictment is in Politico, so take with a grain of salt, but there are a lot of elements here that seem accurate from my perspective as someone who lived through that time and that political effort.

I would say that the death blow came at the hands of the IRS, tying up the grassroot's attempt to organize for the 2012 election. When that effort failed to remove Obama, the chance of getting actual results from people who actually cared about policy dropped, and the anger fueling that movement saw many of the people they worked so hard to elect coopted by the establishment of the party -- and the few who resisted, like Ted Cruz, were marginalized and shut out rather than supported. Note that Politico, reliably left, spins this as blaming Cruz for "promising too much" rather than blaming the Establishment for "failing to deliver what they promised."

Thus, Trump, who successfully cast himself as an America-first political outsider for the Republican primary despite a history of donations to Democrats and a contradictory set of expressed political principles (and that's being generous). If he wins, who knows what he might do? (It's pretty much certain to not be small-government, though it might be low-taxes). And if he loses, the Republican establishment will spend the next 4 years telling the Tea Party they were TOLD what would happen if they insisted on principles.

We're in a lose-lose situation.

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