Is Trump deliberately throwing the election?

Every time I see something like this I have to wonder. And I remember how Perot enabled BJ Clinton to win in a plurality against HW Bush.

Hillary may be an ancient, barely-coherent incompetent and walking security risk, but if she (and her handlers) are playing both sides of the board, it's hard to lose.

More evidence for the thesis:
Stephan Green at Instapundit quoting PoliticoFirst the Clinton press conferences and gaggles became rare. Now, the Trump campaign’s foot-dragging in allowing a basic press pool – a group of reporters that share travel duty to cover public events and minimize the logistics burden on the campaign – has given Clinton cover to not institute a protective pool, which would cover the candidate’s every move and ride on the campaign plane in the same way the White House press pool does and which typically begins when the candidates becomes the party’s official nominee.

One reporter covering the campaign said Clinton campaign officials directly cited Trump’s lack of a formal pool operation as part of the reason they have yet to set up a protective pool. Other reporters covering the Democratic nominee describe the situation as frustrating and “unlike anything in the past.”

It's like every time Hillary's campaign makes a mistake, the Trump campaign is there to match it with a similar scandal or a fresh outrageous statement that changes the topic of discussion away from one that damages Hillary. And when Hillary has to hide her multiple health issues by denying the traditional press pool access to her campaign, and persists in holding basically no press conferences despite being in the middle of a presidential campaign (!!), Trump is right there to match her.

I bet one of those 30,000 deleted emails Hillary won't let us see is one addressed to Trump, suggesting he run for the Republican nomination and throw the election if he gets it.

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