Reminder: The IRS deliberately avoided email for their targeting process

Wall Street Journal as quoted by TaxProfDiscovery has also revealed documents that show the IRS made early attempts to shield and obfuscate its special Israel policy. In a November 29, 2010 email, IRS deputy commissioner Steven Miller asked IRS employee Sarah Ingram about “an article on a letter we apparently sent to an org on Israel settlements. What can you tell me.” Ms. Ingram replied that she “Just told Ruth to pull me out when you have a minute. Not doing email on this.

This demonstrates high level involvement in the targeting (as if we needed more evidence of that), but it also demonstrates a deliberate avoidance of the use of email for handling questions and issues about the targeting.

The IRS knew their internal email was available to Congress in the context of investigations and oversight, and so they deliberately avoided putting anything in writing.

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