Father of Orlando killer at Hillary rallies

Washington Times as quoted by PattericoThe father of radicalized Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen is supporting Hillary Clinton for president and attended a rally for the candidate Monday, standing near the stage as she addressed the crowd.

Seddique Mateen, a native of Afghanistan, appeared in several TV shots behind Mrs. Clinton as she spoke in Kissimmee, Florida.

In general, I don't believe in corruption of the blood. The father of a vicious mass murderer and terrorist is not necessarily guilty of the same crimes by mere pedigree. Yet the media accounts at the time strongly suggested that the murderer's father had his own radical anti-US views and potential ties to terrorism in Afghanistan. While not enough to convict him of a crime, it would normally be enough to ensure he wasn't invited to attended media events with a presidential candidate or give interviews to the media afterwards.

I can only assume his presence with Hillary at this event was an attempt to send a message to radical Muslims who support violent terrorism by others that Hillary is a candidate who will protect them and appreciates their support.

That's an interesting population to be courting.

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