View from the PorchThe best way to avoid a home invasion by multiple suspects with long guns is to not be in the unlicensed pharmaceutical distribution business. Of course, sometimes people buy a house or rent an apartment whose previous occupant was, and I suppose that rip crews get addresses wrong even more often than SWAT teams, so it's not a foolproof solution.

Are you kidding? If you're on a drug gang rip crew and you raid the wrong house, there will be consequences. When was the last time a wrong-house raid by the SWAT team had consequences for the police? (Consequences for the infants mutilated for life by the "non-lethal distraction devices" don't count).

For the scenario pictured at the link, I honestly don't think firearm selection will make much difference. If you show up with a pump-action shotgun, lever-action rifle, or bolt-action anything, you're dead; anything semi-auto with decent magazine capacity and more stopping power than a .22LR has a roughly similar chance of keeping you alive. A 1911 might be contraindicated by magazine size, but 3-3-2 is not unreasonable for a good shot.

What would be more helpful to your survival would be how quickly you can get the police on the way, whether you have any cover that will stop a .223, and whether you happened to answer the door with a loaded gun in your hand that day.

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