Terrorist attack with truck kills 73

CNNAt least 73 people were killed Thursday night when a large truck plowed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, the Nice prosecutor's office said, according to French media.
The driver pointed his tractor-trailer into the crowd and accelerated, mowing bodies over. The driver was shot to death, authorities said.

This sure looks like a terrorist attack to me, but there aren't enough details yet to say anything for sure. No indications of firearms or explosives, just a large truck and a crowd.

My sympathies, again, to the people of France who have suffered another horrific attack.

UPDATE: Lots of reports now that the truck had firearms and grenades.

UPDATE: Attacker identified. You can probably guess his first name. As for how he got the firearms (!) and grenades (!!) in France (which has strict gun control like most of Europe, and was still in a state of emergency since the last terrorist attack there) despite a record as a "career criminal", well, the Saudis funded a mosque in Nice that opened just two weeks ago. Maybe there's a connection there.

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