The Dutch claim to have hacked the Russian hackers who stole the election

There's an article in the Dutch press claiming they hacked the Russian hackers who hacked the DNC. The problem is, the article doesn't actually show that. The URL claims it, sort of ("us elections"), but as for the actual article:

White House was hacked through a fishing email, and gained access to most of Obama's email. (Oops!) Funny how hackers getting access to the White House and even the president's email was not bigger news at the time, isn't it?

The State Department was hacked (under Kerry), which is what provided access to the White House... sort of. There's no need for access to to send a fishing email to, but I'll give the article the benefit of the doubt and assume it helped.

Both of those things were reported at the time and while major embarrassments for the White House, had nothing to do with the election.

There is nothing here related to the hacking of the DNC (which was probably an internal leak anyway).

There is nothing here related to Hillary's tenure at State.

There is nothing here related to Hillary's personal email server, which may or may not have been hacked; the hackers in that case did not release email dumps and the incident had nothing to do with the results of the 2016 election in any technical way; Hillary's poor judgment in setting up the server did.

There is nothing here related to the US 2016 election cycle and the election of President Trump, despite the article being deceptively written to imply that it did.

There's also an article on PJMedia that makes the same mistake. The only link between the DNC hack and the Russian hacking groups "Cozy Bear" and "Fancy Bear" is based on what Crowdstrike had told us about what they found on the DNC servers. It's a pretty weak link.

I call it Fake News.

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