Hillary says there can be no peace until Democrats regain power

Video on Twitter; watch the first few seconds. I remember when she asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election if he lost. That shoe ended up on the other foot, and now we know her answer.

She's doing one other thing that's clever here. She says she "remembers" when "Republican operatives" stopped the voting in Florida in 2000. What she's actually describing is Al Gore trying to run infinite recounts until he found enough votes to win Florida (and thus the White House). The Supreme Court did finally say no, you can't just keep recounting, you have to accept the results.

I know that because I lived through it and I was paying attention to politics.

But many people who are going to be voting for the first time this year -- people who turned 18 this year, plus a few years forward from that to account for people who don't remember their birth -- many of them don't remember it. They know, at most, what their history courses taught and what their family told them.

That blatent misrepresentation of history is going to leave a lasting impression on anyone who doesn't know to question it. Without the real situation to compare it to, it sounds like Jim Crow and voter suppression.

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