Journalist gets denied on NICS check for gun purchase

Progressives TodayNeil Steinberg, writer for the Chicago Sun Times, saw how easy it was for other journalists to waltz into a gun shop and walk out with a child slaughtering, full auto, death machine, exactly like the one that the Navy Marine Rangers use (leftist talk there), so he decided to try it Des Plaines, Illinois. Only this didn’t quite go according to plan.

In addition to a mandatory 24 hour waiting period in Illinois, it turns out Mr. Steinberg has a troubled past of alcohol abuse and domestic violence, so he was denied the sale.

This isn't just hilarious, it's actually a crime. And unlike the usual journalists who break gun laws in minor (but legally very serious) ways without actually being a prohibited person, and thus are usually allowed to escape punishment, this journalist actually is a prohibited person. Allegedly, he has an admitted history of alcohol abuse and is facing a domestic violence charge. And he did it in the Chicago area.

The police might actually charge him.

If they do, other reporters might start to think twice about their damn stupid propaganda pieces and learn some sympathy for the legal minefield that anyone interested in owning firearms walks through on a regular basis.

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