A note on nationality and loyalty

New York PostOther videos [by the father of the Orlando terrorist] are full of anti-US rhetoric regarding America’s military role in Afghanistan. That influence may have showed up in his 29-year-old son’s statement to a 911 operator during the mass shooting.

“He said the reason he was doing this was he wanted America to stop bombing his country,” said a survivor who overheard the conversation.

His father’s anti-American views may have seeped into the terrorist’s psyche at an earlier age. High-school classmates recall a 14-year-old Mateen jumping up and down and cheering the attacks on 9/11. “That’s what America deserves,” he reportedly exclaimed, while praising Osama bin Laden.

[Emphasis added]

Note well, the Orlando terrorist is technically an American citizen, because he was born here, but he does not consider himself an American. America is not "his" country. Afghanistan is his country.

Being born in the United States, and even growing up here, is no longer enough to make someone accept that they are an American. Part of that is our bizarre educational fetish with self-hatred and self-criticism. Part of it is the media's constant pounding of their "citizen of the world" viewpoint.

But the "why" doesn't matter as much as the simple fact. If we do not fix the problems that are causing this sense of alienation from America, we will no longer have a nation at all. That requires a change our immigration policies to keep out those who will not accept America as their home and their nation with a certain amount of patriotism and national pride.

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