Ryan criticizes himself

The HillCongress is “forfeiting” its power to the White House, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday during a speech from the Capitol.

"Our problem is not so much that the presidency, under both parties, keeps breaking the rules, though it does,” Ryan said. "Our problem is that Congress, under both parties, keeps forfeiting the game, yielding to the executive branch, giving the president a blank check.”

"This means more than just out-of-control spending,” Ryan added. "It means more chaos at the border. It means not being able to live out your faith. It means not being free.”

And who has been in charge while this has been happening, Ryan? First it was Boehner, but we kicked him out. Now it's you, and it's been you for close to a year now. It's an election year and you're firing up the rhetoric to claim you're going to reign in Washington, but you've had the power to do that for the past year and you've done jack shit.

Paul Ryan's primary opponent is Paul Nehlen. I don't know him and I'm not from Wisconsin, but sometimes these primaries send a national message. Don't be fooled by Ryan's last minute rhetoric. If you nominate Ryan, you'll get more of the same out of the GOPe.

The primary election is August 9th.

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