Legislation to allow for special prosecutors

AMI NewswireA Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, part of the committee considering an impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, is introducing legislation to re-authorize the use of independent counsels to prosecute certain government-corruption cases.

Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania said during the congressional hearing on alleged misconduct by Koskinen that the appointment of an independent counsel, or special prosecutor, would allow lawmakers another avenue to address conflicts between the executive and legislative branches.

“As a result of what has taken place with the IRS, and how untruthful they’ve been, I am personally moving forward to drop legislation that re-enacts Title 6 of Ethics in Government Act of 1978, where independent counsel can be appointed to investigate these matters so justice can be served,” Marino said Tuesday.

I think this is a vitally necessary act, but of course Obama will veto it if it reaches his desk before a Republican president is elected.

There must be a way to hold Executive Branch officials accountable for their actions even when the president does not approve.

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