Legislation introduced to strip IRS agents of badges and guns

McClatchyDCA bill introduced Thursday by U.S. Rep. George Holding, R-Raleigh, would “take the guns and badges away from the IRS,” he said. Holding’s bill proposes reassigning the IRS’ criminal investigation agents to the U.S. Treasury.

This is one of those pieces of reform legislation that really makes me question whether reform legislation will actually accomplish anything. Sure, having armed IRS agents (and probably a special IRS-branded SWAT team like every other federal agency) is a bad idea. Actual use of force from law enforcement agents should be narrowly concentrated in just a few closely supervised agencies, not spread out to every single petty administrator. But taking the same group of people currently at the IRS, and moving those same people to the US Treasury, seems like a shell game. Is the Treasury less populated by Democrat partisans? Less subject to bias? More closely supervised? Probably not.

The logic behind this legislation appears to be "We must do something. This is something. Let's do it."

It may be a marginal improvement, but as far as reform proposals go, I'm not impressed.

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