How ordinary people who mistreat classified documents are treated

SpiegelNow he was being arrested by armed officers and charged under the Espionage Act of 1917 and threatened with 35 years in prison. He also lost his security clearance and, with it, his career -- all because of trying to sound the alarm from the inside as a whistleblower using official channels he had trusted. Among the allegations against Drake were that he had leaked classified information to a reporter at the Baltimore Sun -- a claim he denied. He also stood accused of saving an NSA document on his private computer.

Allegedly leaking classified information to a reporter and allegedly saving a single NSA document on his private computer, and he was arrested and charged with crimes carrying penalties up to 35 years in prison. How many times each day do you think Hillary Clinton leaks classified information to a reporter? And we're up to a couple thousand counts of "classified information on her private server" already.

Some of my readers insist that Hillary won't be charged because what she did isn't that serious. I think, when looked at with the same criteria as applied to ordinary employees subject to the same rules, it's obvious that what Hillary did was far more serious than anyone in the media is reporting.

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