Has the GOP establishment learned anything?

Kurt SchlichterBut you won’t learn from your humiliation. Instead, you’ll tell yourselves comforting lies to avoid facing the painful truth. You’ll tell yourself that the base is just stupid, that they’ve been hypnotized by Trump’s magic and don’t understand that he’s a charlatan. But there’s no one who doesn’t know exactly what Trump is, and the most important things that he is are that he is not Hillary and that he is not one of you.

You call the voters “angry,” as if that somehow invalidates their critique. You made them angry with your lies. Your incompetence. Your betrayals. You did it.

Kurt doesn't think they learned anything, and his analysis about the rise of Trump seems to be spot on.

Now, I still think Trump is basically a con man lying to the Republican base, but I think the base is mostly angry enough that they don't care. Trump was the one speaking loudly and forcefully about immigration and trade -- issues on which the Republican party was weak and distrusted already. Even Cruz has weakened his position on those issues and made himself vulnerable to accusations of being an insider simply by virtue of his presence in the Senate (never mind that people who had been paying attention knew otherwise).

When you know that every establishment candidate in the race will betray you and is lying to you, at least Trump was the one telling the right lies loudest. People were angry and didn't want the sane, responsible, thoughtful man with the right policies. They wanted an avatar for their anger, and they got one. It's not about Trump as a man, it's about anger and betrayal.

If Trump loses, someone else may be able to pick up the torch. I don't think Trump gets a second shot.

If Trump wins, and betrays the trust of the people who elected him.. well, I don't know what will happen, but I don't think it will be pretty.

And if Trump keeps his promises, maybe the establishment will start paying attention.

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