The NYTimes is confused as usual

New York TimesIf fate were to hand President Trump one more opportunity to put a justice on the court before 2021, it would almost certainly again be a bitterly contested and close vote, and it would probably leave us with a majority of Supreme Court justices, five, who were confirmed by senators who received a minority share of the vote.

This sort of thing has never happened, by the way, with nominees advanced by Democratic presidents. First, no Democratic president has ever taken office after losing the popular vote. And second, justices nominated by Democrats have never been confirmed by such narrow margins. Of the four liberals currently on the court, all received 63 votes or more, from senators winning and representing clear majorities of their voters.

The author thinks this means the Republican justices are less legitimate. What is actually means is that Republican Senators are more bipartisan. Furthermore, it demonstrates that the author doesn't understand that the role of the court is primarily to decide legal issues, and secondarily to serve as a dispassionate check on majority rule rather than an enforcement tool of the majority.

Unfortunately the court has also forgotten this, though there are hopes that may improve with Trump's second Justice.

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