Three investigations into Kavanaugh accusers

Reports are they will open three new investigations, one for felony lying to Congress, one for how Ford's letter was handled, and one bar investigation into how Ford's attorneys represented her.

The first claim probably doesn't refer to Ford, but to the idiot who claimed (and then recanted) he beat up Kavanaugh and Judge after they allegedly raped a woman on a boat. This guy's likely to get in some trouble, but he's a bit player. However, prosecuting him may keep baseless and false allegations to a minimum in the future.

The second one could get Feinstein in some trouble if she leaked it, or embarrass Ford and/or her attorneys if they leaked it, or her representative (who forwarded it to Feinstein) if the rep leaked it. I don't think there are likely to be any legal consequences here. Perhaps, at most, a Congressional ethics investigation into the leak.

The third investigation into the way Ford's lawyers represented her -- particularly about the offer by the Senate to fly to her rather than have her come to DC -- might bear some fruit. It's likely Ford's lawyers are being paid by people other than Ford and it's quite reasonable to suspect their loyalties are to the Deep State and the Democrat Party instead of to Ford.

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