Trump was a stalking horse for Hillary all along

Hot Air“I’ve been treated very unfairly” by the RNC, Donald Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, in a townhall forum that Trump threatened to boycott because he complained that CNN treated him unfairly. What did CNN do to treat Trump unfairly? They had commentators on panels that criticized him. What did the RNC do to treat Trump unfairly, and thus negate his pledge to support the party’s nominee whoever it turned out to be? Er … Mitt Romney criticized him.

Remember Perot, and how Perot got Hillary's husband elected to the White House by running a strong third-party campaign?

Yeah. That's Trump this cycle.

I don't particularly care if Trump "supports" (ie, campaigns for, donates, whatever) one of the other candidates should they win, but threatening to have a temper tantrum and run third party is actively opposing the nominee. That may be legal, but it's also just going to make a Hillary victory inevitable.

I've been known to vote third party, and in fact my primary party affiliation is with the Libertarians. (I vote in Republican primaries when there's actually a chance to yank the party in my direction). But if you are going to run in a party's primary you shouldn't be threatening a third party run if you don't get the nomination.

For bonus points, Trump attacked Scott Walker for not raising taxes and names health care and education as top three government functions.

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