When silence itself is evidence of media bias

The HillCruz has denied knowing anything about the ad, and called it deplorable on Sunday.

But Trump said the super PAC that produced the ad is "very friendly to Ted Cruz."

"He knew all about it, 100 percent," he said.

"There's no way in a million years that super PAC did that without his absolute knowledge."

OK, so we have a denial from Cruz, and an accusation from Trump that Cruz knew all about an ad that was published by a political action committee. There's just one problem here: no matter how friendly a PAC might be to a candidate, the candidate and his campaign are legally barred from coordinating with the PAC in any way.

So Trump is basically accusing Cruz of violating campaign finance law.

I don't think Cruz is stupid enough to do that, and I don't think Trump has any evidence that he did. I think this is just bluster to tie Cruz to the actions of a PAC Cruz has no practical or theoretical control over. And as such, it's dishonest.

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