Multiple ricin attacks in the mail

There do seem to be a lot of these ricin attacks, at least when you extend the timeframe. Sometimes years go by between attacks but they keep coming. It makes you wonder if the FBI is ever bothering to investigate.

The latest targets are Senator Ted Cruz and the Pentagon.

The timing of the ricin attacks so far seems to involve domestic politic tensions of the left-wing variety. Putting Cruz in the hospital, or even just giving him a good scare, might be the one vote the left needs to stop Kavanaugh.. and why not go after the one Senator you hate the most, in that case?

When you dehumanize your political opponents and characterize their ideas as violence, some people are going to behave violently. I'm more and more convinced this isn't just considered acceptable to the left. More and more it seems to be the intended result.

Like the attack on Steve Scalisce, these ricin attacks seem to disappear down the memory hole very quickly.

UPDATE: Trump, Mattis targeted.

UPDATE: Arrest made.

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