Terrorist attack in Brussells

CNNISIS claimed to strike yet again on European soil Tuesday, saying its "fighters" launched attacks on the airport and a subway station in Belgium's capital that killed at least 30 people and wounded about 230 more.

There is little new that can be said here. The attacks are in Europe, and used bombs, so the gun control angle is a non-starter. They took place just outside the airport security checkpoints, as many have predicted would be the inevitable result of trying to set up checkpoints around secure areas. A defensive strategy does not have the resources to present a strong defense everywhere, so determined attackers will find some way to do damage.

One worrying note:

CNNAll but essential staff were sent home from two nuclear power plants in Belgium -- one in Tihange and the other in Doel, said a representative of Engie, the French company that operates the facilities. Belgian authorities ordered this evacuation, though the representative did not provide further details.

I have to assume this was driven by some specific intelligence. I hope that the people they are sending home are not any of the security personnel.

UPDATE: Take with glass of vodka, but Russia Today reports the terrorists had footage of nuclear power stations in Belgium and planned to attack those. (Hat tip to Gateway Pundit, because I don't normally read Russia Today)

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