NRA would like you to sign a petition to oppose Obama's Supreme Court nominee

NRA-ILAIt’s easy to draw the conclusion that because of Judge Garland’s past decisions, were he to be confirmed, Heller would be in danger. What’s more, it’s almost certain Judge Garland agrees with Hillary Clinton’s comment that the “Supreme Court got it wrong” when it affirmed the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

With this nomination, President Obama is hoping Garland will act according to his anti-gun beliefs, and the anti-gun beliefs of Hilary Clinton – his preferred successor.

We must do everything we can to prevent Garland from joining the Supreme Court, and filling the seat left vacant by Justice Scalia.

Gun control is the only issue close to Obama's heart that he hasn't been able to move through either legislative or executive action, and it's only been through vigorous opposition at every stage that Obama has been blocked. The chance to nominate a replacement for the author of the Heller decision, which returned the 2nd Amendment to an honored place in American jurisprudence, must have seemed like a godsend to Obama in the final year of his presidency.

Petition here.

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