Senate GOP willing to meet with Obama's Supreme Court pick

The HillSeven Republicans so far have said they are open to considering or meeting with Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia who was nominated for the Supreme Court earlier Wednesday by Obama.

If they are already vacillating, how are they possibly going to hold out all year?

Susan Collins
Jeff Flake
Mark Kirk
Rob Portman
Kelly Ayotte
UPDATE: Orrin Hatch
UPDATE: Jerry Moran (may have backed down)
UPDATE: Pat Toomey
UPDATE: Lisa Murkowski
UPDATE: John Boozman (according to the White House)
UPDATE: Lyndsey Graham
UPDATE: Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley
UPDATE: John Hoeven
UPDATE: James Inhofe, Bill Nelson, and Ron Wyden
UPDATE: John Kasich, whose opinion matters because he is running for President and promised to consider Garland if he is elected. Of course, making this comment means he certainly will not be elected, at least by any Republican party worthy of the name, which I suppose is in doubt.

The count is up to 11 now. If they vote the way they talk to the press, that's enough to win a majority (but, for now, short of breaking a filibuster). And don't believe the nonsense about it being "just a meeting". This is a very public form of whip-counting.

If any of those senators belong to you, contact them and let them know you will see them out of office if they cave on this.

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