Obama wants to break into your phone... to enforce tax laws?

ReutersU.S. President Barack Obama on Friday made a passionate case for mobile devices to be built in such a way as to allow government to gain access to personal data if needed to prevent a terrorist attack or enforce tax laws.

Note the sudden shift here. Terrorists! Child pornography!.... and tax laws?!

The first two are what he wants you to hear, because they produce an emotional response. Terrible things are happening, we have to get into your phone -- everyone's phone -- to prevent them. (Never mind that being in everyone's phone doesn't actually prevent anything). The last one, enforcing the tax laws, the drug laws, and every other part of the criminal code... that part isn't supposed to be mentioned.

The founding-era technology analogy here would be to ban fire because some people use it to burn their private papers to avoid paying taxes. Banning encryption is equally stupid, and equally futile.

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