Another State Dept employee declining to answer questions about Hillary's server

That is, declining to answer them voluntarily while the questions are still voluntary.

PoliticoJohn Bentel, a now-retired State employee who managed IT security issues for the top echelon at the department, declined to be interviewed by GOP staff on the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO.

“We are troubled by your refusal to engage with the committees even after repeated overtures of accommodation,” the letter to Bentel and his lawyer reads. “We need to speak with you. … We would, of course, prefer that you meet with us in a voluntary and informal manner, but we will consider other options if faced with a continuing lack of cooperation.”

He's not pleading the 5th, yet. In fact, he says he's declining because he already answered similar questions in detail for another committee. That doesn't seem like it will hold up as a reason not to answer questions, but it sounds better than pleading the 5th.

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