Denying reality rarely ends well

The FederalistPrecisely because I came to regard internally what I was attempting externally as the maintenance of an illusion, and because of myriad other incidents and psychological factors I’ve already outlined in various publications, I made the decision last September to leave Sarah behind and return to Will.

Never one to shy away from grandiose hero worship, I now compare my seven-month stint as a female to the Beatles’ 1967 India holiday to study meditation under the Maharishi. It was something I was initially eager to explore and, indeed, would go so far as to say I felt I had to explore. Yet by the end, disenchantment had set in, along with an acceptance of reality, leaving me more grateful than ever to return to manhood. This was a decision I made for myself. Not, as my critics on the activist left now allege, for transgendered people en masse.

I have nothing against people who, for whatever reason, feel their physical gender does not mesh well with their mental self-image. At least as long as they aren't yelling at me for getting their preferred pronouns wrong, anyway. But I do think that no matter how special a snowflake you think you are, reality tends to win in the end. And the more of yourself you invest in denying reality, the more it hurts when you lose.

That's not me trying to make a choice for anyone else. That's just advice. Take it or leave it.

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