VA inspector general refusing to release reports

Hot AirThis is how President Obama manages to have, in some people’s minds, a scandal-free administration. It’s not that there haven’t been any scandals, it’s just that evidence of the scandals is suppressed for months and sometimes years until no one even remembers there was an ongoing investigation.

Exactly. The administration stonewalls and refuses to release any information, leaning on friends in the media and delaying matters until the scandal seems old news. Once it's old news the media has an excuse not to report heavily on any new developments. And when the media isn't reporting on the developments, the people forget about the whole thing by the time the next election rolls around.

It only works because the media plays along, but so long as they do -- and so long as the alternative media can't break into big audiences effectively, which twitter and facebook (to pick two examples) are working hard to prevent -- it does work.

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