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Carson calls for peace and an end to the fighting between candidates to focus on solutions. A good intro speech.

Kasich talks about his family background. Sorry, not interested.

Cruz talks about his own background for a sentence or two, and then switches to a theme of trusting his record. Good speech.

Trump says he'll make America great again. How? He won't say. He does say we have terrible healthcare, which is an interesting issue. In America, if you have health insurance through a good job or enough money not to worry about the cost, you have great healthcare. If you don't have insurance, and your life is in danger, and you can wait for emergency care in the ER, you have great health care (but it might bankrupt you, unless you are an illegal alien and just evade the bill). But, yes,

Trump says "He'll let the good immigrants come back". An interesting admission.

Cruz responds well, referenncing Arizona, who are seeing costs of welfare and crime and similar things drop after taking some action to discourage immigration.

Trump replies with an endorsement, which sort of avoids the point.

Rubio repeats his Big Lie about securing the border first. We don't trust you to do it, Rubio, that's the problem. He does attack Trump on his past support for illegal immigration and a path to citizenship, which is an interesting shift from attacking Cruz for talking about Rubio's positions honestly.

Trump talks about hiring foreign workers because he couldn't get Americans. I don't buy that as an excuse. If you can't get people to sign up for jobs, offer to pay them more.

Cruz attacking both Rubio and Trump on immigration. Good speech. Firey. And he backs up Rubio's point. Either they both found it in their opposition research, or they're coordinating their attacks on Trump. Which would be a good development, rather than attacking only each other constantly. Everybody needs to face the heat.

Trump attacks Cruz for not having Senate endorsements. Cruz fires back HARD on cutting deals with Democrats and funding Democrats.

Trump fires back about Cruz disclosure forms. That's not a valid attack, it's been explained and debunked thoroughly already, and it's not new. It was a very weak rejoinder on this topic.

Kasich: "Gee, Bush was a great president." No thanks, we don't want to hear about Bush anymore, good or bad. Kasich favors a guest worker program and a path to "legalization but not citizenship".

Carson: He wants to allow people to register and be legalized. I think this is a sign that he has taken amnesty money to keep his campaign going. Did he just end his campaign with those words?

Wolf Blitzer asks Trump how he will make Mexico pay for the wall. His answer is the trade deficit and a lot of bluster. There are ways to do it, with the support of Congress, but he doesn't say how. He does say he doesn't mind trade wars, which could be an interesting statement.

Telemundo anchor confronts Rubio on saying different things about immigration in English versus Spanish. He has a prepared answer now, which isn't bad, but you don't tell people different things in different languages, because that is deceptive. No one seious trusts Rubio on this issue. They know what he will do after he is elected, and they don't care or support it.

Followup question about Rubio's accusation of Cruz lying about it. Good that there was a followup, he again, he's got a memorized answer that doesn't actually admit to being deceptive.

Cruz points out the inherent dishonesty of "It will have to end someday"; there is nothing quite so permanent as a temporary government program.

Cruz is questioned about his Hispanic heritage. And follows it up by pointing out that he is campaigning consistently, not shifting positions state by state or saying different things in English and Spanish.

Rubio makes the "we are the party of diversity now" point, which is valid, but I don't think the Republican party is very receptive to that argument right now.

Moderator asks Kasich a question and he says he's not going to talk about that. heh. He also thinks you get economic growth from "common sense regulations". No, you get economic growth from reducing the regulations.

Rubio has a pre-scripted speech ready to the question about Obamacare. Trump flip-flops on it. Left out of the question is Cruz, who is the only one on stage who has actually fought to use the power of the purse to repeal Obamacare. He does get in very forcefully at the end, and spanks Trump hard. Trump flounders in response at first, but effectively concedes the point.

Trump asked how he will get the money. He says "Waste, fraud, and abuse." There's not enough of that (at least not generally recognized as such) even if you could get Congress to cut it.

Trump has an interesting answer on releasing his tax returns. He says he'll release when the audit is over and comes within a hair of saying the IRS is auditing him as part of their targetting. I'm curious to see if that tactic works for him.

Rubio again has a pre-scripted answer to the tax question ready: he's releasing them tomorrow. Gee, do you think maybe that moment was planned?

Kasich appears to have been goaded into advocating regime change in North Korea. It sure would be nice, but the question is how? Without, preferably, invading a nuclear-armed state.

Trump says we can't be the global policeman anymore and wants to get reimbursed for the peacekeeping and military role we already play.

Carson says the IRS is not honest and should be gotten rid of.

Cruz says Trump can't go after Hillary because of "something in tax returns", donations to Clinton Foundation, fraud trial for Trump University in July. All good points. Trump can't effectively refute any of the substance.

Rubio has a glib answer about Apple's phone issues, but he gets it wrong. The problem is that the government is asking Apple to create a tool that enables the government to break into any phone it wants to. Once the tool exists, the government will come back again and again for more phones and the argument against it is weaker.

Cruz unfortunately falls for that answer. So does Carson. Trump has already gone even further on that. Kasich says he makes deals like this all the time, which may not exactly help him...

As a programmer myself, I know that this issue is a big deal. Apple created a secure phone; secure enough that the government needs help to break in. That's a good thing. Secure computers and phones are good things.

Ted Cruz comes out strong against Washington deals and deal makers. Repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, secure the border, and bring back jobs.

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