Reclaiming the value of work

The FederalistSo here’s my rather immodest proposal for making America great again. We need a sea change in our attitudes toward work. Those of us who have easy jobs, let alone ones we love, better damn well remain grateful for the opportunities we have. And all of us, especially our elected representatives, ought to start showing one hell of a lot more appreciation and support for those among us who do the hard work necessary to provide the services and produce the goods that make America a safe, secure, and comfortable place.

The problem with allowing absolutely everyone to vote just because they exist is that people who are unproductive drains on society can vote themselves enough money taken from those who are productive benefits to society in order to exist in relative comfort without any need to change. Today's "poor" have subsidized housing with air conditioning, subsidized food, subsidized (mostly free) health care, and large flat screen TVs that mysteriously appeared in their subsidized housing after a hurricane destroyed their last subsidized housing.

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